Sunday, December 25, 2011

A New Home

I finally moved!

Guys, my personal blog is up,

You may follow me on that site, as I might not be able to update this blog anymore.

Thank you for the support (wtf?! haha..)

See you on my new home :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Baby Boy!

I haven't been able to post in quite a while. I have been busy with work, especially now that we have been deployed in Operations for almost 2 weeks.
To start off, we were able to accomplish the Congenital Anomaly Scan for baby Gabe. The said scan aims to look for any abnormalities during the baby's development, and at the same time, provide corrective measures or actions if still possible.
And so, we had it done in Borough Medical. Eversince, we have been aware of how slow their service is. However, we were left with no better alternative as it was a Saturday and there was a shortage of OB-Sonologist on duty. The cost was also higher than we prepared for, as we estimated only P900 (New World Clinic). We called in advance to check if there was going to be an OB-Sono on duty that day and were told that she was going to be on duty at 1pm - 3pm.
We got there at around past 12, and I think it was even almost 1pm. I immediately asked how many patients were waiting for the OB-Sono so that I could estimate the time we are to wait. The receptionist told me that I was the first one to be there, so we waited. And waited. And waited. The wait took 4 and a half hours of our time, with the receptionist explaining everytime that the doctor was on her way. Imagine, kung emergency yung reason for my being there, baka wala na ako, or sobrang naisugod na ako sa ibang hospital. Knowing that we already spent that much time, we just had to be patient.
The doctor arrived and had whatever equipment ready. Finally, we were ushered into one of the ultrasound rooms, and the procedure began. She began by telling us the measurement of the organs, head, heart, spine, major veins, as well as the visibility of the organs, kidneys, lungs, bladder, stomach. Then she showed us the face and the gender. At this point, I am so happy to share that baby Gabe is a BOY!!
All the wait was worth it. All the disappointments, frustration about the time, yung pagka-asar namin sa OB-Sono, and sa staff. Lahat un, lumipad sa kawalan. Literal na tears of joy. And did I mention na lutang kami ni Jeff sa kaligayahan about the news? We excitedly shared the news to our families, and they were also happy to hear about it. I would like to post the pictures now, kaya lang, I am currently in the office, walang powers to upload pictures.
I still have a lot of news to share. Maybe I will post the pictures later, when we get home. And then I will post another batch of stories. Some are of the happy nature, and some are not. But hey, who said life is always happy?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Reason to Celebrate

The list just keeps getting better! First, I was able to get a job despite my being pregnant. Second, my babe was promoted to level 2 before he even signed his regularization contract. To add another, I passed my IELTS exam!  Tomorrow, we will be able to see Gabe for the first time via 2d ultrasound. We wil have him checked for any congenital anomalies and have his gender checked. Let's all hope for more good news. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am so proud of my babe right now. He has not signed any confirmation for the regularization of his contract, and yet, he is already promoted. Here is the email proving his skills and Gabe being our lucky charm. I am sensing wonderful things ahead of us. :)

Congratulations to our new Level 2 Agents!

In light of this momentous event, please be advised that these kind-hearted individuals are at your disposal. As much as possible, please direct all of your queries to them and they will be more than happy to serve you and provide you with answers.

Let us wish them well in their new roles

Last First

Perez Jefferson

Dela Paz Christian

Ramos Dennis

Rosales Mary Anne

Firme Nathaniel Bryan

Martinez Francis

Berueda Gerard Anthony

Fidel Edward